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Marta Maluva (1992) BA Theatre and Film

Film director and performance maker

Available for hire to provide artistic direction and create visual content on demand

Maluva is a visual artist, freelance filmmaker and light designer in practices such as film, theatre, installation.

Her nomadic lifestyle has been a challenge and a blessing for her artistic projects and her vision of the world. Her passion for light and body movement and their qualities have been a major inspiration for Maluva’s artwork.


Maluva works closely with dance on-screen, interactive performances, physical and visual theatre, experimental cinema and poetry. Her work often reflects on LGBT+ themes and Latinx communities.


Since 2011 Maluva works as a freelance artist in South America (Chile, Brasil, Argentina) and Europe (Berlin, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Riga). Her vision and creative approach have been noticed and appreciated by others from her early work. Therefore, Maluva has been published, awarded and exhibited in photography, has directed award-winning short films and collaborated with artists and festivals worldwide.

Light Designer
Performance creator
Drone Operator